Who is the +Farm for?

The +Farm is great for:

  • DIY hobby growing

  • Educators

  • Food banks, religious organizations, or other non-profits

  • Entrepreneurs looking to experiment with vertical farming

  • Crop, technology, nutrient, and method trials

  • Microgreen and small-scale commercial food production

  • Restaurant, grocery store, or food services display


I don’t know anything about growing or hydroponics. Is this the right system for me?

Yes, the +Farm is a great system to experiment with. Our Learn page is also available to help you move along the hydroponics learning curve.


Is the food grown in a +Farm safe to eat?

Yes! If you’d like to eat the produce right away, rinsing is optional. If you’d like to store it in the fridge, we recommend rinsing it in cold water immediately after harvesting and prior to placing in the fridge.


Is there an educational curriculum to go with the +Farm?

We are currently developing a curriculum for classroom applications. Follow our newsletter and social media for updates!


Can other shelving systems be used?

Yes! We encourage you to explore other shelving options. Other options include wood, 80/20 (aluminum framing), and various metal shelving systems.


Can I adapt +Farm to a smaller size?

Yes. Currently +Farm is 4 ft long x 2 ft wide x 6 ft tall. The rack shelving also has a joint in the middle so you can easily modify it to a half-size system that is 3 ft tall.


Is it easy to convert from one system to another?

Yes. We designed the +Farm to be modular, so the different versions share common components, such as the metal rack.


Do you have yield data for +Farm?

Yes! Yield will depend on which kind of +Farm you have and what kind of crops you’re growing, and here are some typical yields for +Farm:



Are there any opportunities for partnerships with +Farm?

Yes! We welcome you to contact us regarding partnerships.

Will there be more versions of +Farm in the future?

Yes! We are constantly iterating and +Farm is an evolving project. We will be releasing different versions (including free build instructions) in the future, so stay tuned.


Why is the +Farm limited to hydroponics? Why not incorporate aquaponics or aeroponics?

We are hoping to release future versions of +Farm that incorporate aquaponics and aeroponics. +Farm is modular and easy to adapt, and if you end up incorporating aquaponics or aeroponics into your system, please share it with us.

If you have any questions not answered above, please contact us.