Our Mission

Eating local is a must. Farming vertically is a plus.

We created +Farm to democratize the principles of hydroponics and vertical farming. The +farm is a DIY vertical farming system for everyone, including small-scale commercial growers, hobby growers, and educational organizations. It's designed for affordability, modularity, customization, and ease of use—allowing users to approach vertical farming in new and creative ways. 




The first +Farm built for Phillips Programs.  

The first +Farm built for Phillips Programs.  

The first +farm was built by Agritecture Consulting (formerly known as Blue Planet Consulting) in 2014 for Phillips Programs, a special-needs school near Washington DC. The school wanted a high-performing, sturdy, versatile and educational system. The experience of designing and building this first +farm system was gratifying and eye-opening for us.


This experience made us realize hydroculture currently has a problem. There are plenty of products for sale, and plenty of DIY guides out there, but no solutions that guide people across the spectrum of the learning curve. We want to foster a community of builders and doers, a place where people can learn and make decisions of their own.


We will do our best to produce quality instruction manuals, valuable grow guides, and creative designs. We hope that you, the +Farm community, will support us in this endeavor.





+Farm is developed by the team at Agritecture Consulting.


In the News


+Farm at World Maker Faire New York 2017